“Everyone can enjoy the beauty around them. Just stop for a moment, look outwards and breathe it in”

Hi, my name is John Thow and I am an amateur photographer whose passion lies in capturing the rugged and beautiful landscapes around my native Scotland.  I was born in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, but could never be called a 'city' boy.  By the age of 16 I was skilfully navigating Scotland's 3000 feet mountains, otherwise known as The Munros, inspired by the peace and tranquillity surrounding me.  I  joined HM Forces in 1983, serving in the Parachute Regiment and latterly as a member of the Red Devils Free Fall Display Team until 1998.   During my time as a Paratrooper I was trained in the technical aspects of photography and lenses, ranging from 50mm to 2000mm, for use in special operations with my unit.   However, I only started to take landscape photography seriously as a hobby in 2012 and since then have been ' chasing the light' all around Scotland, happiest camping out in remote locations or on a mountain summit to catch a stunning sunrise or sunset. I have recently started to add moody monochromes to my catalogue, enjoying the simplicity yet complexity that can be achieved from black and whites. My work has been showcased in national newspapers, magazines, Scottish calendars and has been used as features on social media channels.

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